Women’s Health

We would like to introduce a new concept in women’s healthcare designed to bring you into the center of a lasting change.  We want you to have more in your life.  More health, more happiness, and more energy to do the things you love.

We specialize in one of the most time-tested therapies of natural medicine that provides a method to create true wellness in your life.  We position you as the focus of our treatment.  We strive to understand your needs, and do everything possible to accomplish your health goals.

Chinese medicine is very successful in the treatment of a multitude of women’s health concerns.  Our greatest hope is that you find health and well-being in a way that creates real change and value in the quality of your life.


Chinese Medicine is a proven treatment option for infertility.  The gift of eastern treatment is the ability to stabilize the reproductive hormones in the body to increase the chances for conception.  Chinese medicine is concerned with creating a balanced body for a healthy pregnancy and birthing experience.