Sports Medicine

Blue x-ray imageBlue Ginkgo Medicine practices a very ancient technique for the treatment of external traumas.  Applied to sport’s medicine, the objective is to accelerate your healing as quickly as possible, and strengthen your body to prevent recurrent injuries. The management of sport’s related traumas differs depending on the recency of the injury, however we have tools for working on new as well as past injuries that inhibit your performance.

One of our techniques utilizes Muscle channel theory, a tremendously effective technique for muscle and joint injuries learned from the Sport’s medicine specialist, Frank He.  Frank is the professor of trauma and orthopedics at Five Branches University of Chinese Medicine and has made a substantial contribution to this field of medicine.  With acupuncture and herbal medicine in combination, the amount of time to heal is significantly decreased.  We will often employ herbal compresses, liniments, and oils formulated from ancient Shaolin prescriptions that will aid in your recovery.

We feel that the treatment of injury and pain is one of Chinese medicine’s most effective areas of medicine.  We encourage you to consult with your own sports injury specialist in order to build a team of professionals.