About Us

Picture of Jason HammAbout Blue Ginkgo

Jason Hamm is a Licensed Chinese Medical practitioner in Lawrence, KS and a graduate of Five Branches University of Chinese Medicine, San Jose, California. He is a Kansas Native and did his undergraduate studies at Kansas State University in Business management and Biological science.  His current interests in practice are pain management, and women’s medicine. He is continually enriching his knowledge of the field in an effort to provide the best care for his patients.


We are dedicated to serve our clients with unsurpassed quality of care, and professionalism.  Our services will reflect our ongoing commitment to build skill, knowledge, and abilities so we will succeed in maintaining this unparalleled level of excellence.


Our mission is to set a new standard in Complementary and Alterative medicine that demonstrates this form of care to be a valuable branch of therapy. We will strive towards integration with Conventional medicine by acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses so that the widest degree of care is provided. Blue Ginkgo Medicine will be viewed as the highest standard, reflecting our professionalism, knowledge, and attention to quality and safety.


We will strive to become leaders in the Lawrence community by working to build friendships and partnerships that lead toward a common goal. We will establish a community-minded orientation toward business, service and people.